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Completed PRojects

Baskin Robbins Ballard Road Appleton

2x2 Flat panel lighting provides clear white light without the need to periodically clean the lens standing on a ladder.  Perfect for restaurant use.Read More >>

Elegant Landscape Lighting

Die cast aluminum bollard, 45 degree angled lens, easy installation and weatherproof construction.  These have a low watt Led bulb with rating for damp conditions. Read More >>

Kewaunee Highschool LED wall packs

Energy saving LED wall pack

Legeview Shell GCS

Left side 30 watt LED Cool-A-Strips
Right side 100 watt T12 Fluorescent

Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station realized an energy savings payback in 24 months while reducing the number of lights and balasts to maintain.  The new lights are brighter reducing the number of lights and energy load.Read More >>