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Vintage Filament LED Candelabra / Torpedo

LED with a traditional incandescent look and feel. Omni-directional light source. Smooth dimming. Replaces up to 60W lamps. Long life 15,000 hours.  

  • UL Listed for totally enclosed fixtures
  • Runs at 4.5 Watts


  • Reduce energy consumption by 75% 

  • Long life bulbs - 50,000 hours 

  • Dimable 

  • Many shapes and sizes, customized to your needs and rebate/incentive requirements 

5 - 6 " Downlight

  • 13W
  • 85 Lumens per watt of light output
  • 90-135V
  • Energy Star Certified - qualifies for many incentive programs



LED T8 Lamps

Direct replacement for linear flourescent T8 lamps in existing fixtures with instant start or rapids start ballasts.  No rewiring required.

  • Direct replacement solution allows the fixture to maintain the original UL and CSA compliance
  • All glass tube - eliniminating the possibility of yellowing
  • Instant on to full brightness / no flicker
  • Over 40% energy savings vs standard 4'T8 systems
  • Long life - 50,000 hours
  • 5 year warranty
  • DLC listed

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